Prince unveils pricey book and iPod set

Prince unveils pricey book and iPod set

Anyone who thought Prince was being uncharacteristically frugal when he released his three-CD set, Lotusflow3r, for only $11.98 at Target will be relieved to hear that the Purple One has quickly returned to his decadent ways. Prince unveiled yet another new website yesterday, The Prince Opus, which outlines a new line of products available to a very select group of his wealthiest (or most obsessed) fans.

The Prince Opus is a 280-page, hand-bound book of photographs taken by Randee St. Nicholas during Prince's 21-night stand at the O2 Arena in London. Accompanying each book is a limited edition Prince Opus iPod, which is expectedly purple, and includes an exclusive 40-minute movie made by Prince himself. The pricetag for this velvet-covered bundle of joy? $2100.

Prince unveils pricey book and iPod set

Only 950 copies of the book and iPod are being produced, each of which will be hand numbered. The iPod also comes loaded with a live soundtrack from Indigo Nights.

Prince unveils pricey book and iPod set

As if the $2100 book-iPod combo wasn't extravagant enough, the Prince Opus website also details a forthcoming auction in which His Purpleness will sell a piece of art called "The Masterpiece," which is essentially a diamond-encrusted Prince symbol. Given that the Masterpiece includes 21 regular old diamonds on top of 5 rare diamonds that total 7.77 carats, there's really no telling how much Prince will rake in for this little piece of jewelry.

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