Prince unveils "Breakfast Can Wait" video

Prince unveils "Breakfast Can Wait" video

Prince has just debuted a sticky and sweet video for his latest single, "Breakfast Can Wait." After the Purple One performed the song last weekend as part of a set with the New Power Generation and 3rdEyeGirl at Paisley Park, the video shows why dancer/choreographer Danielle Curiel was lurking on the fringes of the concert all night long.

Not only did Curiel direct the clip, but she appears in several roles, including as Prince (pictured above). It's a different portrayal than the one Dave Chappelle pulled off a few years back, and a healthy creative partnership.

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Prince himself is not in the video at all, but his syrupy voice is all over the place as Curiel's detailed choreography dances through several different sets. For the record, she looks quite convincing in the wig and a painted-on 'stache.

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