Prince swoons over West Side's Karen Olivo

When Prince wants something, he gets it. Which is how the Purple One, in a span of a few hours Sunday night, went from watching the Tony Awards at home to venturing out into Manhattan to hunt down West Side Story star Karen Olivo and corner her at a party. Olivo was the winner of the Featured Actress in a Musical category, and Prince was so taken with her appearance at the Tony Awards that he showed up at a rooftop afterparty and made a beeline for her and several of her castmates.

Prince refused to be photographed, but apparently told onlookers that he had "fallen in love" with Olivo. According to a "very reliable source" at New York Magazine, Prince will attend West Side Story next Tuesday to watch his new lovely in person. "He's asked for a spot in the balcony and wants to buy twenty tickets so no one can sit near him," the magazine reports.

Creepy? Romantic? Or just typical Prince? You decide.

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