Prince sued for ditching Dublin gig, accused of disrespect

Remember the hilarious story of how Prince painted his symbol all over the West Hollywood home he was renting from Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer? The NBA player apparently didn't enjoy the purple interior because he sued the singer for taking it upon himself to decorate. More than 30 years into the pop icon's fantastical stardom, it should should be apparent by now that Prince doesn't give a fuck. For some, this might be just another reason to love him, while for others -- like the 55,000 people he disappointed by not showing up to his Dublin stadium gig in 2008 -- it's quite offputting.

It was announced today that Prince might again have to pay for what Dublin event promoters are calling disrespectful behavior, as he and the William Morris agency are being sued for 1.7 million Euro after a scheduled gig in June '08 went unrocked at Dublin's Croke Park.

According the Belfast Telegraph, MCD boss Denis Desmond told the court:

"I just felt that, to be honest, we'd been messed around and that the artist was showing no respect for us or for his fans. There was no reason forthcoming as to why the show was being cancelled - it just seemed to be a whim as far as we were concerned."

When you've been mind bogglingly famous for so long, you're bound to have off days that fall on big gigs, but it seems the real beef here is in how the star and his agency handled the situation - neither entity in agreement over who should pay the damages (of course). You'd think there'd be a special fund in place for moves like this within Prince's estate: Where most people save for a rainy day, Prince should be saving for his interesting moods.