Prince, Replacements, & First Avenue tattooed on St. Paul man

It's one thing to talk about Minnesota pride, but it's another altogether to ink it permanently to your torso. St. Paul resident Sean Kelsey is the new champion in that department with an Ork Poster-esque tribute to many of our local cultural landmarks and heroes that he can show to his friends once the temperature rises to a comfortable range that might not eat the flesh right off of him. Anyhow, Prince & the Revolution, the Replacements, Mint Condition, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and our venerable rock club First Avenue all were deemed worthy enough for inclusion in Peter Bekke's design for Burlesque Design in the shape of the North Star State. See the full tattoo below.
Fortunately, the troubled Original 7ven didn't make the cut. "This is the first time I've ever seen anything that I designed become a tattoo, so needless to say I was blown away," Bekke writes.

Prince, Replacements, & First Avenue tattooed on St. Paul man

Somehow, City Pages was not included in this design, but the all-important "Ramsey County" signifier made it in. There are a few radio stations, TV anchors, and mosquitoes we would've included too, but this is still very cool.

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