Prince releases "Rock and Roll Love Affair" video

Prince releases "Rock and Roll Love Affair" video

The Purple One has finally released his video for "Rock and Roll Love Affair," and oddly enough, it has premiered on one of the places Prince seems to dislike the most: YouTube.

Set in his hometown digs at Paisley Park Studieos, the video oozes with an air of retro-love. While it's cool to watch it and like you're around for an intimate Prince show, it's quite clear that this is sort of just a run-of-the-mill performance taping. That's not to say the video isn't without its perks.

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The video boasts a cool, vaguely Victorian feel with fuzzily lit chandeliers hanging around the studio, soft focus, and switching back and forth between a black and white film.

Prince looks calm and cool, ever at home in front of the mic (what else would you expect?). His new on-again-off-again afro hairstyle is back in full force as he croons behind a pair of over-sized Lennon-esque glasses. Oh yeah, there's a moment when he taps out a few notes on the piano while riffing on his guitar at the same time, natch.

Andy Allo, Prince's protege, backs up the artist on the video with little innuendos and coy glances. Drummer Hannah Ford also appears, wearing a hat befitting of the Purple One himself.

After recent controversy concerning his image being used for the Le Petit Prince doll, and his seemingly never-ending quest to scrub YouTube of unauthorized videos, it's ironic that his first official video in three years is on said site.

Without further ado, take a peek at this "Rock and Roll Love Affair":

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