Prince promises three new albums in 2009


In an exclusive interview that the music critic herself deemed the "Golden Ticket of journalistic invitations," LA Times writer Ann Powers was invited to spend five hours inside Prince's mansion, previewing tracks off of his forthcoming albums, chatting with the Purple One, and even taking a ride in his white limousine.

Powers outlines a few key points of her interview in a blog post on the LA Times site, the most significant of which is that Prince promised her that he would release three new albums in 2009, without the aid of a major label. "The gatekeepers have to change," Prince is quoted as saying, referring to his desire to release his music independently.

Two of the albums will be Prince originals, tentatively titled MPLSOUND and Lotus Flower, and the third will be an offering from his most recent protege, Bria Valente, whose new album is called Elixir and features Prince on guitar.

Powers reports that the tracks for MPLSOUND were, appropriately, recorded at Prince's suburban Minneapolis studio Paisley Park:

The first disc, tentatively titled "MPLSOUND," is an electro-flavored solo effort recorded at Paisley Park Studios. Prince experimented with Pro Tools and "new ways of recording" on these trippy, experimental pop songs. One features a Q-Tip rap; another calls a "Funky Congregation" to worship and may become a live set piece.

Prince was also quick to defend his opinions regarding gay marriage, which he claims were misrepresented in a controversy-sparking New Yorker article late last year:
"I have friends that are gay and we study the Bible together," he said. He added that two sides fighting "only benefit the third person" who instigated the fight.