Prince performs 'Screwdriver' and 'Bambi' on Jimmy Fallon's fourth anniversary show

Prince performs 'Screwdriver' and 'Bambi' on Jimmy Fallon's fourth anniversary show

Lately it seems like the Purple One has been everywhere around town, from the Dakota to Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week, but last night he went a little more high-profile.

For the first time ever, Prince graced the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon stage during the show's four-year anniversary on the air. Sure enough, Fallon could barely introduce the Purple One with excited screams erupting from the studio audience as he announced the music legend would be singing not one, but two songs.

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Fallon also talked briefly about Prince's West Coast tour starting in mid-April before letting the musician take over.

Sporting the same afro seen in his recent "Rock and Roll Love Affair" video, Prince performed alongside his 3rd Eye Girl band, featuring the talents of Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, and Ida Nielsen (with everyone donning 3rd Eye Girl tee shirts). Also onstage with the band were hordes of fans packed into scaffolding behind the performers, a nice concert-like touch for usually milquetoast television appearances.

Prince showed off his talents on the guitar during "Screwdriver" after whipping his ultra-chic eye mask off. If you look closely, you can see the legend smiling and genuinely enjoying himself for a moment during the song before assuming his usual cool expression again.

Watch "Screwdriver" here:

During "Bambi," Prince really let loose, jamming on his guitar like he was the only one in the studio.

Catch "Bambi" here:

Prince's latest songs are available for download at

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