Prince once fired Questlove for Finding Nemo: Watch the crazy story unfold

This basically tells the story

This basically tells the story

Late last year, Questlove revealed that he was once fired by Prince in favor of a Finding Nemo DVD. There are lot of amazing words in that sentence, but, until yesterday, few specifics. 

On Wednesday, Questlove and rap website Okayplayer provided many incredible answers to several potential questions with the release of Storyville #2: Questlove vs. Prince. The five-minute animated video has the Roots drummer — also a gifted storyteller, it turns out — spilling all the details about his misadventure with the Minnesota-born music deity. 

Long story short: Questlove attended a Prince gig in Philadelphia around 2004; Prince asked him to DJ the after party; unimpressed by Questlove's song selection, Prince opted to play the 2003 Pixar fish epic instead.

“Did I just get fired … and replaced by a cartoon fish? Yeah, I did,” reports Questlove. 

Also of note: Prince is every bit as mythic and demanding as you'd expect, plus he's super good at billiards. But none of that does the tale justice. Quit reading these dumb words and check it out below: 

Prince's "Piano & A Microphone" gala event goes down 8 and 11 p.m. Thursday at his Paisley Park compound in Chanhassen. If The Purple One gets frustrated, don't be surprised if attendees end up watching The Good Dinosaur.