Prince on SNL: Scott Seekins in red?

class=img_thumbleft>Is it me, or is Prince looking more and more like artist Scott Seekins? During his first Saturday Night Live performance in 16 years (video here), Prince wore the trademark Seekins pencil 'stache, headband, and suit, but in dark red and black rather than all-white (what Seekins wears in summer) or all-black (what he wears in winter). If you think you're up on your Minneapolis icon trivia, here's a quick quiz that asks the question: "Seekins or Prince?" 1.) Local rock band Jerungdu has performed dressed as him. 2.) For a while he owned the web site 3.) He's obsessed with Britney Spears. 4.) He used to own a store across from Calhoun Square. 5.) He enjoys fly fishing. 6.) According to unsubstantiated rumor, he was banned from the last place that showed him. 7.) He once served everyone Mint Julips at a show. 8.) He and Larry Graham once proselytized as Jehovah's Witnesses during a Sunday Vikings game. 9.) He makes model train-set miniatures on the side. 10.) He is his own greatest subject. And the answers are...

1.) The band dressed as Seekins, as reported here. (A couple photos for reference.) The artist has also encountered people dressed as him, both summer and winter versions, on Halloween.

2.) Seekins owned for years before Madonna acquired it. The Warehouse District artist has long made a specialty of painting the Madonna.

3.) Seekins reportedly adores Britney. Check out this Seekins painting.

4.) Prince opened the Uptown store called New Power Generation in 1993. It closed in 1996.

5.) Seekins has been an avid fly fisherman for years, and can be spotted at many local lakes.

6.) The rumor that Prince was just banned from Saturday Night Live is most likely not true; the cast member who impersonates him, Fred Armisen, reports nothing of the kind (scroll down for his NPG post).

7.) Prince prefers to party without alcohol. Seekins was the one offering Mint Julips, according to this TCPunk thread (here's another).

8.) Prince has never denied this episode, reported in the Star Tribune. More on Graham here.

9.) Seekins is much sought-after for his train-model work.

10.) Arguably both make themselves their subject, but Seekins puts himself in many of his paintings. (More work here.)