Prince_Official Twitter account is one of many fakes


A friend once told me a story about how he was driving in his car a few summers ago in Chanhassen near Paisley Park and a tricked-out purple motorcycle topped by a smallish guy wearing a purple helmet pulled up next to him at the light. My friend looked over, immediately thought this mysterious rider had to be Prince, and was then treated to a glorious head nod by the supposed Purple One, who revved his bike like a badass and sped away down the open road. 

Okay, now can you imagine this same man hunched over a smartphone, punching in letters one-by-one in tweets about what he was having for lunch that day via @Prince_Official? No, no you can't. Why? Because he's $%#^#$ Prince. 

Official fan site has a list of Twitter accounts on its "Princepedia" page which they have discovered to be actually quite unofficial:
Until further notice, Prince is NOT on Twitter. All of these accounts are fake (and quite obviously so):


Protip: Celeb accounts that boast 'official' in their alias are usually run by obsessive fans named Barry from their basement in Skokie, or, at best, arrogant celebrities who think they've got myriad mimickers enough to don a title like that. It's wise to be skeptical. 

Additionally, if you see a purple motorbike around town this summer, you know who to call.

(Update: The account just posted something about "Darling Nicky" -- as if we needed more ammo).