Prince, New Power Generation, and 3rdEyeGirl to play at Paisley Park

Prince, New Power Generation, and 3rdEyeGirl to play at Paisley Park
Prince and 3rdEyeGirl are opening the gates of his Paisley Park estate to reintroduce Minnesota to the New Power Generation on Saturday. This show comes after nearly a year of building up his live acumen with his new all-female trio -- including three shows at the Dakota and a pair at Myth.

Unlike farewell parties or jams, 3rdEyeGirl tell Gimme Noise via phone that this is going to be a proper show. "We really just wanted to open up Paisley to the public and invite Minnesota and anybody else who can make it out," drummer Hannah Ford says. "This one is moreso like a spur-of-the-moment event to spend time with our community and throw a big concert for everybody and show off some of the stuff we're working on." Update: "Limited Entry... Get Here Early! And Bring Your Dancing Shoes!!!"

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"We've been introduced to what we've heard is the Minnesota Nice," guitarist Donna Grantis adds. "Which is like the friendliest people. Always smiling. [Scandi accent] Hellooooo!"

In addition to work on tracks for the still-without-a-release-date debut album from 3rdEyeGirl, Plectrum Electrum, fresh rehearsals with Prince's veteran outfit New Power Generation began in earnest. Gimme Noise caught the group on dinner break, and they had to hurry back in to practice some more right after the interview.

The NPG have been mighty active over the past few months. After a residency in August at New York at City Winery, which featured drop-ins from Cee Lo Green, Larry Graham, and Prince himself, the band just joined Twitter. Find 'em at @NPGOfficial. In addition to a lot of photos from the sessions at Paisley, there is a new snippet of a track that just got dropped called "Big City."

Unsurprisingly, the rehearsals have opened up the style of playing within the ensemble quite a bit. "The style of music, 3rdEyeGirl is a lot more raw, and it's a pretty heavy rock group," Grantis says when comparing the groups. "With NPG, we're playing more funk tunes and more of the classic hits that incorporate the horn section and the backup singers."

So, for those who can make it out on Saturday, some more Diamonds & Pearls-era material is a possibility. But then again, who knows what's coming out of the bag? The 3rdEyeGirl trio confirm that they've gotten to hang out and jam with "beautiful soul" Janelle Monae in the recent past. Since the Electric Lady isn't on tour just yet, maybe she's available for the night to sit in with what will be a 20-person band featuring an 11-piece horn section. You can bet that some special guests will be onstage and in the audience no matter what.

Prince, New Power Generation, and 3rdEyeGirl to play at Paisley Park

"What's cool about this band is that we really inspire and influence each other," Grantis says. "There was always that chemistry between us. Having the luxury of being able to rehearse together all day [laughs] every day is just so cool. You really develop a musical bond that's really special. We've all been musical directors and leaders of our own projects, so musically we've linked to each other really well. We've also played a ton of different styles of music. Jazz, blues, funk, rock, pop, and so we just continue to challenge each other and push each other to bring out the best in one another."

Now we get to see how far that has come since May. And, if nothing else, this is the most affordable gig of them all. According to this new video posted, the event is their "oCtOBer sUrpRISE."

Prince, the New Power Generation, & 3rdEyeGirl. $50 donation at the door, and limited entry. NO ADVANCE TICKETS. Doors at 9 p.m., Saturday, October 5. Paisley Park Studios, 7801 Audubon Rd., Chanhassen. No alcoholic drinks allowed, no cell phones, no audio recorders, no cameras, no reentry. Update: Limited parking on-site, and traffic will be directed to overflow lots once it fills.

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