Prince looks like Dave Chappelle on "Breakfast Can Wait" cover

Dave Chappelle's hilarious portrayal of Prince has risen again on the album cover for the local legend's new single, "Breakfast Can Wait." Since the guy hit Twitter last week via @3rdEyeGirl, it seems he is finally messing with his image a bit for the "internet age."

For those among us who fondly recall the Prince True Hollywood Story told by Charlie Murphy on Chappelle's Show a few years back, know that the Purple One liked it too. In it, we get a tale of a pop star looking like Zorro with his mustache painted on, and an eventual basketball showdown featuring Murphy's crew vs. the Revolution. After the game went in Prince's favor, legend holds that the victor served up some pancakes. And the rest is cover art history.

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-- PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 16, 2013 Even quoting the showstopping moment from the skit, while he's at it. As for the song, which originally dropped in February, it's funky and employs some silly-good high flourishes courtesy of chipmunk Prince. I'd take a stack of these platters any day. Let's hope some vintage Fred Armisen gets some attention eventually.

Here's the episode that started all the hoopla in the first place: