Prince is finally ready for you to watch him cover Radiohead's 'Creep'

Prince learned "Creep" just for you ... seven years ago.

Prince learned "Creep" just for you ... seven years ago.

Prince hates sharing his music online. U.K. rockstars Radiohead, pioneers of the pay-what-you-will online music model, seem pretty down. Therein lies the dilemma with Prince's cover of Radiohead hit "Creep" from the 2008 Coachella music festival. 

Shortly after Coachella, YouTube users felt the litigious wrath of Prince's label, NPG Records, who demanded video of the performance be erased from the internet due to copyright violation (we know how that feels). 

But in a 2008 interview with Billboard, Thom Yorke, the brains behind Radiohead, rebuffed the Purple One's buzz-kill move, stating, "Really? He's blocked it? Surely we should block it. Hang on a moment. Well, tell him to unblock it. It's our ... song." 

Fast-forward to Tuesday, and we have Prince tweeting to a new version of the video, seemingly at random. It was uploaded by YouTube user Miles Hartl in October — with Radiohead's blessing, he reports — and spiked in popularity this week upon receiving the Purple Bump. You can — and should! — watch the eight-minute tour-de-shred below; so far, it has amassed nearly 1 million views.