Prince is 54 today: Some required reading

Prince is 54 today: Some required reading

If Prince is sticking to his Jehovah's Witness faith, he will not celebrate his 54th birthday today. And, giving him gifts is pointless anyhow, because he's probably at the point where he has everything -- purple, anyhow -- already. Nothing about the Purple One's increasing age makes him any less fascinating and enigmatic, however.

As the years have stacked up, so have the electronic press clippings via Gimme Noise. Aside from us constantly saying that he's among the best at things, he's also the weirdest, the funniest, and the most likely to tell Kim Kardashian to take a hike. Check out a dozen of our finest reports related to Papa Purple below.

Prince vs. Yoda, a tale of the tape
A battle we've always wanted to see.

53 things you might not know about Prince
This includes factoids like number eight: "When Prince's alias was the unpronounceable symbol, some staffers at Paisley Park just referred to him as 'the dude.'"

Prince defaults on Chanhassen mortgage, property facing foreclosure
Even this guy got hit hard by the housing crisis.

Prince & Bon Iver visit Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday Night Live
Fred Armisen is a genius.

Kim Kardashian dances so badly Prince boots her off stage

Prince, Replacements, & First Avenue tattooed on St. Paul man
This dude put the Purple One on his body permanently.

Prince tied into crazy 9-11 conspiracy
This is preposterous -- unless you consider how poorly Chaos and Disorder sold.

Prince's 10 craziest moments of all time

Troy Gua's 'Le Petit Prince' doll pays tribute to The Artist
Somehow they made him even smaller.

Top 20 best Minnesota songs
Not the one you think.

Top 20 best Minnesota musicians
Probably the one you think.

Finally, for everyone who wants to celebrate by actually putting on some assless pants and partying this weekend:

Prince fans celebrate 25 years of Sign "☮" the Times
Celebrate Friday at the Aloft Hotel WXYZ Bar in Minneapolis.

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