Prince-inspired pun name given to St. Paul Saints' mascot piggy

Note the size, color, make, and model of the car behind Little Red Porkette.

Note the size, color, make, and model of the car behind Little Red Porkette.

Since Prince died last month, the world has gone H.A.M. honoring the Minnesota-born music legend.

On Wednesday, the St. Paul Saints revealed their delicious tribute to Prince: The baseball club's 2016 pig mascot will henceforth be known as Little Red Porkette. How charCUTErie!

The team offered this introduction to Little Red Porkette: 

"The music, the flamboyance, the entertainment. All three have been used to describe what it’s like to experience a St. Paul Saints game. All three have also been used to describe one of the greatest musicians of all-time, a man who called Minnesota home.

It’s only fitting that CHS Field, located just off of Prince St., will wow fans once again with a cool four-legged swine, dressed in his purple jacket and riding into the ballpark in his sweet new ride. The Saints will add a little extra entertainment this season with their new four-legged mascot, 'Little Red Porkette.'

Little Red Porkette will make the women swoon and the men want to be him. Countless times the song has been belted out to sold out crowds and the 2016 season will be no different as Little Red Porkette will enter to standing room only crowds on more than one occasion this summer."

The name Little Red Porkette emerged victorious from a (hog?) pile of more than 4,000 entries. Among the other choice cuts: Raspiggy Beret, Paisley Pork, and the Mascot Formerly Known as Swine.

Past piggy mascot names include Kim Lardashian and Kris Hamphries (2012), Brat Favre (2010), Boarack Obama (2008), Garrison Squealer (2007), and Notorious P.I.G, AKA Piggy Smalls (2003). Things were less aggressively pun-y from 1993, the year the tradition began, through 2002. 

The Saints — who kick off their season Thursday at CHS Field — cooked up this cute video/song for Little Red Porkette. It would have made Prince's copyright lawyers squeal with rage.