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Prince ditches afro for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Prince ditches afro for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After a month, Prince has brushed aside the afro look for a more familiar coiffure. The grand occasion was to bring his latest single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" to the late-night trappings of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Still the rest of his retro fashion lives on in the clip, including the globe-shaped sunglasses. As it turns out, this was part of an extensive evening of promo activities, including the debut of the song's music video.

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An extensive wrap-up at Dr. Funkenberry's blog reveals that not only "Love Affair" got play on set, but also "Dance Electric" over the closing credits. Once the filming was wrapped, he also included versions of "Take Me With U," AKA the song that most resembles the little keyboard line central to his new single. "Raspberry Beret," "Cream," and "Cool" filled out this mini-set.

And then, Prince headed to the intimate Sayers Club to premiere the music videos for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and protege Andy Allo's "People Pleaser." More details here. And once the video's public, we'll share it.

For now, here's the energetic performance from Kimmel, which includes a full horn section, and probably the most yellow bell bottoms ever sewn together.

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