'Prince Day' declared for June 7 in Minnesota


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tomorrow to get through this thing called "Prince Day."

Given that everyone in Minnesota loves Prince, we'll probably make it... even if thinking about his sudden absence might make us all a little sadder.

Gov. Mark Dayton announced Monday that tomorrow, June 7, is officially Prince Day in Minnesota, thus bestowing an official, 24-hour state remembrance of our recently fallen rock god. 

Dayton unwittingly stirred up controversy last month when, on the eve of a Beyoncé concert, he granted a day in honor of the R&B queen. Many complained about that announcement out of general disagreement. But a lot of other detractors wondered why the governor would give a day to Beyoncé, a Texan, and not Prince, who was born in this state, lived in it, and spoke often about how much he loved it.

Those people got their answer today: Dayton was waiting for Prince's birthday. Prince Rogers Nelson, born in Minneapolis, would've turned 58 tomorrow. 


People across the state are encouraged to honor and remember Prince by wearing purple on Tuesday. We would add that you should also remember by listening to some Prince. But then, you were going to do that anyway, weren't you?

Here's Dayton's decree of Prince Day, which also cites the multi-talented artist's "contribution not only to the global catalogue of music genres, but to Minnesota's worldwide prominence and its economic growth."