Prince at Paisley: Fan review, setlist


Any time Prince plays a show in Minneapolis, there's always a crazy string of rumors about the particulars of the performance. For one, we heard "people from London are flying out for this show." We heard "he's going to come on stage in a purple cape."  It was widely believed by insiders that he'd take the stage at 1 a.m., as our man is a night owl and likes playing late shows. 

Not sure about the people from 'cross the pond and there was definitely no cape (much to all of our dismay). And Prince actually started on time at exactly 11 p.m. -- a feat that's as rare as the fancy suits he wears. We've  heard several sources postulate on why: to be respectful of neighbors and the city of Chanhassen in case the party was a success (in case?!) and he'd want to throw a few more.


Being perpetual late-arrivers ourselves, we were left out in the cold on this one. But several fans emailed us to share their experience. Here's one now...

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"Hey, y'all. This is Griffin, and I was at the Paisley Park show this past Saturday night. I'm a longtime follower of Prince's career, and not since the late 1990s heyday of the Love4OneAnother parties has Prince thrown such a generous "party" at the Park!

I'm sure you've heard by now, but Prince's staff had set up an off-site parking lot with shuttle-busses to get everyone to and from Paisley without inconveniencing his neighbors or creating traffic problems. Also, the lines move quickly, the coat-check moved quickly, and the newly renovated bathrooms in that wing of Paisley were all wonderful (it made me hope that this is the beginning of something, rather than just a one-off concert). What was even more surprising to those of us who've seen Prince at Paisley before was that he started right after 11pm - I have never in my life seen Prince start a set at Paisley before 1 a.m. He played for just shy of 3 solid hours, and stopped just before 2 a.m., which made many of us in the crowd wonder if Prince was perhaps being respectful towards city curfew laws (though I don't know what Chanhassen's curfew laws are for events where no alcohol is sold).

Anyway, on the website we've been hashing out our memories of the evening, and here is what our collective memory has decided was the setlist, more or less:

No Candy 4 U

Purple Rain Intro

Old Skool Company

Stand! (Sly)

Turn Me Loose

I Want You Back (Jackson 5)

Dance 4 Me


I Feel 4 U


All Day, All Night chant

Sexy Dancer-Le Freak

Northside (!)

Dancing Machine (snippet)

Housequake (snippet)

Why U Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

Take Me With U

Anotherlover-Rock Lobster


Raspberry Beret

Arms of the Angel (Sarah McLaughlin cover sung by Shelby J)

Forever In My Life

Everyday People

I Want To Take You Higher

Thank You (Falentinmebemiceelfagin)

Dancin Machine (The Jacksons)

Sing A Simple Song

If You Let Me Stay

 Play That Funky Music


Shake Your Body (The Jacksons)

Without Love (Doobie Brothers)

Encore #1


Let's Work


Sometimes It Snows In April

The Bird

Jungle Love

The Glamorous Life

Kiss Encore

Encore #2

Purple Rain