Prince at Coachella: Wow


On the off chance that you don't read any other blogs or just recently discovered the internet -- boy do we have news for you! Prince wowed Coachella attendees Saturday night with a nearly two-hour set that included covers of "Come Together" by the Beatles and Radiohead's "Creep."

Our pal Randall Roberts at LA Weekly reports on his Prince experience:

Oh my god.

And Prince. I don't want to ruin Prince's show last night by writing about it. It was mystical, and I've seen Prince a few other times. Morris Day, the Time, "The Bird," (which is the word, and always will be), Jerome and Morris dancing, Sheila E making a cameo for "Glamorous Life," Prince wailing his ass off, delivering a deep, brooding version of "Little Red Corvette." A cover of Radiohead's "Creep" and the Beatles' "Come Together." It was amazing.

You can read more of LA Weekly's coverage of Coachella at their blog.

Here's a crappy YouTube video of Prince singing "Creep." The video quality is terrible but the sound is pretty good:

I especially like the guy who utters a simple "Wow" about 40 seconds in. I think my head might have exploded if I had the chance to see this live.