Prince & Bon Iver visit Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday Night Live

Call this the skit from this weekend's Saturday Night Live that they expected would end up on the blogs. In it, the power couple of Beyonce and Jay-Z are receiving guests to visit their newborn Blue Ivy Carter. Portrayed by various members of the cast, LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Taylor Swift all drop in with varying levels of amusing interactions with the youngest person ever to have a song on the Billboard Hot 100. What, no Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow in this parade of bold-faced names? Our Midwestern eyes and ears are stimulated by Fred Armisen portraying a wild-eyed, shy Prince, and yes, Justin Timberlake with a very convincing thinning head of hair as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

This skit is not half bad. Vernon's slightly dour demeanor from Grammys night plays big here -- and fortunately there were no jokes about how to pronounce his name.

There was this one, though:

"Sorry I'm late. I was just wandering barefoot in the woods of Wisconsin," he said. "Fashioned this guitar out of a canoe, and I wrote a song for your baby."
"But Bon Iver, we were just about to put our baby to sleep," Beyonce (Maya Rudolph) responds.
His retort: "Trust me, this'll help."

And what follows is a mush-mouthed falsetto performance that confuses our host and hostess, but excites their "white butler."

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