Prince (almost) joins Gayngs


Roaming around First Ave after the Gayngs performance, there seemed to be only one shared thought on everyone's minds: "Prince was here!" And unlike Prince's last few public appearances, wherein he sequestered himself in the dark corners of club balconies, His Purpleness damn near took the stage Friday night, guitar in hand, to join in on the fun. The details are a little hazy, but the following account is based on the stories we heard by several members of Gayngs.

After hearing Gayngs on the radio, Prince decided to head down to First Ave Friday night to check out the group in person. He walked into the club with his guitar in hand, which we learned by one of our follower's tweets:

Prince blended in with the swarm of Gayngs members coming on and off stage, standing near the green room and requesting that a sound man plug in his guitar. He played along off stage for a short while before unplugging and heading out to the parking garage.

Now this is where the stories diverge: Some say that Prince was waiting to be introduced before taking the stage, and decided to leave when no one in Gayngs acknowledged him, while others say he said something to the effect of "Looks like they've got it under control." Either way, we have to admit we're a little sad that Prince didn't end up on stage with the band, but we're hoping this means he's thinking about playing his own show at First Ave soon. Fingers crossed.

For more on the Gayngs show, see Stacy Schwartz's slideshow of photos.UPDATE: For pictures of Prince backstage, check the LOL/OMG blog. Nice work, guys!