Prince adds Welcome 2 Chicago show supporting ex-Obama staffer Van Jones

Prince adds Welcome 2 Chicago show supporting ex-Obama staffer Van Jones

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Prince has decided to nail down an actual concert -- not in St. Paul, but Chicago. The announcement of a Welcome 2 Chicago show, his first in the area since 2004, came in Friday morning -- via Live Nation. So maybe St. Paul was trying to do this on September 15?

Updated: There are now three Welcome 2 Chicago shows.

After Mr. Purple booked a series of Welcome 2 America concerts in New York, New Jersey, California, and Canada back in late 2010 and 2011, this continues his welcoming attitude in spots other than the Twin Cities. In this case, it's for a very good -- and undoubtedly political -- cause.

Notice how they used "Controversy" for this clip?

Prince is teaming up with Rebuild the Dream, an organization spearheaded by President Obama's former White House special adviser on green jobs Van Jones. Jones' name may be familiar to those who recall tangled with Fox News pundit Glenn Beck a few years back, and eventually resigned his post. Jones' latest book, also called Rebuild the Dream, is a "MoveOn for economic issues."

In conjunction with Prince's show on September 24 at Chicago's United Center, the location is expected to be filled with positive political collaboration. "Socially-conscious businesses, tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other innovators will offer specific tools that individuals and communities can use to improve their economic situation in the short- as well as long-term." So, details are mum on the specifics of how this will plug into a Prince performance, but it's an uplifting idea.

From a press release: "We couldn't be more excited about partnering with a legend like Prince," said Van Jones, Co-founder and President of Rebuild the Dream. "Our economic system is broken.  Rebuild the Dream exists to unite arts and organize into a potent force to support the Dreams of Our Communities. There are few artists who have Prince's unwavering commitment to a vision of a sustainable, fair economic future."

Tickets are on sale to the public at Tickets cost $49.50-$149.50.

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