Preview photos: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k and 2% Muck


Next week's City of Music video is shaping up to be completely insane. The MPLS.TV crew and producer Dan Huiting rounded up some party animals for their shoot with Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k (who some might recognize as Jeremy Nutzman of Bight Club) and 2% Muck.

"It was a night of total debauchery," Huiting says. "We packed Muck's house full of hot girls and alcohol and let nature take its course. At the end of one take, Muck poured an entire gallon of milk on some unsuspecting dancers."

[jump] For a preview, check out these preview photos by Zach Cooper, Ryan Thompson, and Dan Huiting, and come back Monday for the premier of City of Music: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k and 2% Muck.