Preview photos: Birthday Suits play for City of Music


It's only hump day but we're already looking forward to this coming Monday morning, because it means we'll get to drop a brand new City of Music video featuring blistering punk duo Birthday Suits.

[jump] "I talk to a lot of people each week about who we should have on City of Music, and the one band that has been suggested more than any other is Birthday Suits," says producer Dan Huiting. "People kept telling me, 'You HAVE to do them, they're so crazy!' And now I see why. These dudes rock mega hard. And there's only two of them!"

Dan has a few surprises up his sleeve, too. "Just for this special performance, local video wizards Hal Lovemelt and Matt Visionquest set up a totally awesome synchronized projection show," he says. "The footage looks so rad! I can't wait to start cutting it."

Preview some photos from Dan's shoot by Casanova Frankenstein, and come back on Monday for the premier of City of Music: Birthday Suits.