Premiere: Andy Elwell debuts single "Back to Me"

For Andy Elwell's fourth album, Brave Soul, the traditionally old-school artist takes some brave steps forward, breaking out of his singer-songwriter box and delivering a sound that's deliberately folk-pop. The Minneapolis-based Elwell's latest single, "Back to Me," is a prime example of Elwell's style and talents: catchy, sweet, and just a little sad -- just in time for a summer fling.

Gimme Noise is proud to debut this irresistible track with exclusive download privileges for our readers. We chatted with Elwell about the single, the first from his soon-to-be-released album (out June 1).

Gimme Noise: Tell me about your "Back To Me" single. Can you tell me about your songwriting approach? Is this different from what you're used to?

Andy Elwell: Well, it's the first time I've worked with a producer. We kind of didn't want to just make a singer-songwriter record. It's a little bit on the weirder side... well, just different, not weirder. It might be a little of a curveball in terms of my other stuff. I didn't change a lot of the songwriting process, but we were really focusing on what the song needed, and we were just more open to letting the song play out.

GN: Why this song, versus another from your record?

AE: I feel like this song has song sneaky--or not so sneaky--pop rhythm to it. Plus it's just one of my favorites.

GN: Is this song about anyone in particular?

AE: I guess it's loosely based on a feeling that I have about somebody, but as soon as I started writing it, it became more of an idea or a feeling or... you know, rather than a thought about a certain person.

GN: How does "Back To Me" compare to the rest of Brave Soul?

AE: "Back To Me" is a good starting point. There are a lot of different sonic elements in the song--we have Brett Bullion (producer) on drums and keys, Jeff Sundquist on bass, and Dan Lawonn on guitar. As far as the record, it's got an openness. Not like, "this song is a country song" or whatever, or "this song is xyz." It's just a different viewpoint, a different avenue to a folky kind of record, some thing you wouldn't expect. It's definitely not a "songwriter" record. There are a lot of electronic music influences and, oddly enough, a lot of hip hop influences. It doesn't sound like hip hop, but if you listen... it's definitely different type of feel.

GN: What is your best hope for this album?

AE: I'm really excited about it, more than any other records that I've made. I feel like it's a much more approachable record than other one, and I'm anxious to kind of get the ball rolling with it... I definitely feel like I'm in a good spot to move forward. I just feel good about it. It's a good place to be. 

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