Pot smoke halts Brit Brit's Vancouver show


Ah, Brit Brit. So many precious chortles to be wrung out of your career. So many glorious missteps, so many fabulous flops, so many hilarious SNAFUs from which we can get our daily dose of schadenfreude.

Now hear this from Vancouver: Brit Brit's circus performance was halted for over 30 minutes, leaving a confused crowd to chant and do the wave in pitch darkness, before the announcement that clouds of bong smoke were making the dancers and lighting technicians sick and light headed.

Gimme Noise recently sat in on Brit Brit's Circus tour, and we can certainly attest to the fact that Brit's dance steps wouldn't have been much impaired should she have gotten a contact high off a passing cloud of pot smoke. She ain't no Ginger Rogers, folks. And it could even be argued that her stiff wiggling might have been improved by a toke or two.

The real danger (if it can be said with a straight face), was faced by the lighting technicians, who manned their pods at a dizzying height. But, unless Britney was performing in a coffee shop with the cpacity of two hundred, its hard for one to imagine how a few puffs could make their way to the rafters.

In a perplexing case like this, it's best to lean on Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation here? It's Brit Brit flexing her muscle as the diva of all divas. Her tour, which rolls across the nation in an unprecedented convoy of semis and tour buses, is one of the most opulent and indulgent concert experiences of the modern age. It only fits the part for Brit to march off stage when something tickles her nose.