P.O.S. returns with frenzied "Weird Friends" video

Yeah, those are goats behind him.
Yeah, those are goats behind him.

News had mostly been quiet out of the P.O.S. camp lately -- when we spoke to him briefly a few weeks ago, he was still waiting on his kidney transplant --  but that changed today with the video debut of "Weird Friends (We Don't Even Live Here)" off the excellent 2012 album We Don't Even Live Here.

Produced by Housemeister, the dark synth stabs and sirens in the track might wake up a few Atari Teenage Riot Fans, and the furious pace of the rhymes are ready to run off the rails. But they never do.

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While Stef is laying out the items in his tool belt, "Bolt cutter, box cutter, brick," a thrall of goth-style partying is on display in the halls behind him. The flames jumping out of a saxophone look like a deleted scene from Twin Peaks, and some more stuff gets torched before we're finished here. Directed by Ryan Kron Thompson and Daniel Hoffstrom for Picture Machine Productions, it has a devilish edge -- goats just do that. Repeated views might burn the hairs off your knuckles, so look out!

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