P.O.S. remixes TV on the Radio's 'Will Do'

Though we mostly know Stef Alexander, a.k.a. P.O.S., for his rap skills and punk rock chops, he's also been making a name for himself lately as a talented remix artist. A few months back, one of P.O.S.'s remixes, "No Scrubs," was included on Doomtree's Gayngs regrind album, Affiliyated, and it was one of the sickest tracks on the EP.

Today, New York Magazine's Vulture blog debuted another remix, this time for TV on the Radio's  single "Will Do," and it's a tilted, moody electro interpretation of the indie rockers' already fairly dark new jam.

TV on the Radio's new record, Nine Types of Light, drops this coming Tuesday, April 12.

TV on the Radio, "Will Do" remixed by P.O.S.

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