P.O.S., France Has the Bomb on Rolling Stone's Hype Monitor


Berets, people! France Has the Bomb.

2009 seems poised to be one of those years. You know, one of those Let It Be, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having years, where the Twin Cities start hard-earning serious national cred for its musical output.

After Baby Guts got mention in the UK's Guardian and Gospel Gossip were a featured download on Pitchfork, P.O.S. and France Has the Bomb scored prominent real estate on Rolling Stone's online daily digest, the Hype Monitor.

Billed as "the new sound of Minneapolis (France) and "the other new sound of Minneapolis" (P.O.S.), Rolling Stone's J. Edward Keyes offers some surprisingly astute description of their respective sounds.

Of France Has the Bomb, Keyes says "listen if what matters to you is the melody, not the fiedlity," which is precisely the attitude that France Has the Bomb has taken over the last year and a half.

Keyes misfires a bit in the analogous relationship he draws between the Minneapolis punk rapper and Bone Thugs N Harmon, but his description of "Drumroll," the first single off P.O.S.'s recent release Never Better, as the sound of "400 horses having siezures" is as apt and enticing as anyone could hope for.

Check it out for yourselves, watch their Myspace hits soar, and take pride. These are our guys en route to the Palace of the Sun.