P.O.S expecting to get a new kidney in January

P.O.S and the comfort from the chemist.
P.O.S and the comfort from the chemist.

Excellent news that'll warm your insides from P.O.S. Dude is expecting to get a new, functional kidney put in his body sometime in January. In a video update posted today, Stef offered his thanks and acknowledgement to the fans who have already exceeded the $25,000 fundraising goal for his health expenses (donations currently over $36k and climbing).

"Thanks to everybody who has donated or sent any good thoughts or offered me your kidneys," he says in the clip. "You guys are incredible." As you might recall, kidney failure derailed his entire fall tour in support of his latest Rhymesayers solo album, We Don't Even Live Here.

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Just in case you were curious what it takes to maintain his daily health, the Doomtree principal member also brandishes many bottles of pills he has to ingest, and points out the dialysis machine that he hooks himself up to.

In the video, he says he's doing three or four times a day. "It's working, my energy's up," he admits. Later, he adds that it can be "a fucking drag." "That's why I canceled the tour. That machine hurts. Usually it doesn't hurt people, but I got weird insides."

Still, after consulting with kidney doctors, he can say that there's no firm date yet, but sometime in January he should be getting a transplant.

Congratulate Stef and the rest of Doomtree in person at the final night of their Blowout series at First Avenue. Tickets for December 14 and 15 are gone, so get some for the December 16 show here.

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