P.O.S. debuts "Bumper" video via City of Music

P.O.S. holds the device that has the power to turn "No" to "Yeah."
P.O.S. holds the device that has the power to turn "No" to "Yeah."
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A new era in the twisted evolution of Stef Alexander is upon us. The rapper known to most as P.O.S. has released the first single from his fourth studio album, We Don't Even Live Here, and it's a crusher. "Bumper" lives within the electronic fortress that is build around much of the album. It's hip-hop, but it's also, to pull a quote from another track, some future shit. "They on some nonsense, we on some non-stop," he says succinctly here.

The clip comes courtesy of directors Dan Huiting and Isaac Gale, and includes the performing talents of drummers Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu and Plain Ole Bill behind the ones and twos. There's another guy up there with his head blurred out, so maybe a DJ out of witness protection? Lights flash, the tension ramps up, and P.O.S. has a maniacal glint in his eye the whole time.

P.O.S. debuts "Bumper" video via City of Music

We Don't Even Live Here comes out via Rhymesayers October 23, and that "Get Down" video is probably coming at us before too much longer.

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