P.O.S at Coachella: Read the reviews

It's P.O.S-central around Gimme Noise lately, and for good reason; the beloved local rapper made his way out to Indio, California this past weekend to perform as the only Minnesotan act at the Coachella music festival. Here's a recap of some of the reviews (both positive and negative) of Stef's Friday afternoon performance:

The New York Times' Arts Beat blog:

The afternoon theme du jour is that rap goes with everything -- no surprise, perhaps, when the night's headliner is Jay-Z, who has become the man for all festivals. But the more improbable corollary is that rap-rock, the widely derided late-1990s fusion that dominated FM rock radio for a few tedious years, is recovering some of its early promise. The day's first blast of it was by P.O.S., a Minnesota rapper who details setbacks, struggles, contradictions and small, hard-won successes: "I can never be what I want to be/Nothing but a man," he rapped. His rhymes are fast, with jagged rhythms; his band pounds without steamrollering him, and he keeps his shoutalongs simple enough to keep the crowd with him: "Yeah right!" went one, "Yeah," went another.

New York Magazine's Vulture blog:

Bummed about not being able to make it out to Coachella this weekend? Don't be, because according to the Times one of the themes emerging from the first day of the festival is that "rap-rock, the widely derided late-1990s fusion that dominated FM rock radio for a few tedious years, is recovering some of its early promise." That's right, apparently rap-rock had promise and, unfortunately, it's being recovered by groups like Sleigh Bells and Calle 13 and the Minnesota rapper P.O.S. A Kottonmouth Kings comeback is probably right around the corner.

The Orange County Register's Sound Check blog:

Hailing from the surprisingly deep pool of underground hip hop talent know as Minneapolis, P.O.S. shocked and awed his first Coachella crowd early Friday afternoon.

With jazzy dual drummers mixed louder than the turntables, P.O.S. offered something refreshingly new. The usual rap boasts were present, but how many MCs proclaim themselves "best thumb warrior on planet Earth?"

He even took a turn on the guitar, though these parts were just passable, just a small part of the mix.

His super-fast rhymes impressed the crowd, most of whom had never heard of him. The response was huge. It all came together with the penultimate joint "We're all busted" -- furious jazz drumming, blistering-fast rapping and an elicited primal scream from the hoards of thrill-hungry new fans.

P.O.S., clearly thrilled by the crowd's energy, pushed himself hard, so hard his voice went out once. He quickly recovered, though, and the show thundered on. The final song clenched it, with P.O.S. declaring the crowd: "The most amazing f***ing thing I've ever seen."

AMP 97.1's blog
This was the first act I caught on my first day out at Coachella, and I kinda just fell into accidentally. I just needed some shade, but I got a huge dose of in your face hip hop/rock fusion. This guy needs to be on your radar, check out Coachella standout, P.O.S. A rapper from Minneapolis, Stefon Alexander or P.O.S. , started out as a punk musician later evolving into a hip hop/indie/punk rock fusion style. He incorporates many unique musical stylings creating his own signature sound while rapping about poignant social topics.

And from Twitter:

mpsinger POS seems like an unfortunate acronym for a rapper. Somebody should let him know what it means.JonPareles #coachella. Rap-rock's not dead w/ POS's breakneck rhymes and hefty riffs. He also declared himself "best thumb wrestler on planet Earth."LNGriswold POS does crowd control #coachella move one step closerbencpowell - POS in the gobijbirdrse @rockohoward POS kiiled it yesterday, the tent was over capacity! It's great to experience rap music at #coachella