P.O.S. and Marijuana Deathsquads' remix album is finally here

P.O.S. and Marijuana Deathsquads' remix album is finally here

A year ago, the We Don't Even Live Here era officially began. P.O.S. snagged City Pages' Best Album of the Past 12 Months, and hit a new creative plateau with the fiery collection.

On Tuesday, October 22, the collection gets new life as the POS/WDELH/MDS/RMX in the capable hands of Stef's frequent collaborators Marijuana Deathsquads. "I feel like Music Rocks, the P.O.S. remix record, and Oh My Sexy Lord do a really good job of summing up everything we've tried to do so far," he says.

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With new vocals from 2013 Picked to Click champ Lizzo, 2013 Picked to Click runner up Greg Grease, Rapper Hooks, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, and more, this is a heavy revamp of the original collection. P.O.S. also penned some new verses for the songs.

Earlier this year, we got to hear a massive overhaul of "Piano Hits," and be assured that these remixes are more spastic, varied, and bent than the originals. Who needs chopped and screwed? This is like bulldozed and scorched.

Marking today's announcement is a new video from Adam J. Dunn's #LAAB series with a video accompanying the remix of "Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks, and Bats." Look for a free download on Tuesday.

Following the recent release of his collaboration with Astronautalis as Four Fists, Stef's upcoming plans include spending the fall trying to wrap a new P.O.S. record, and a new Doomtree record is in its early developmental stages. He'll also join Marijuana Deathsquads sporadically on their tour with Polica.  

As for his ailing kidney situation, he has found a donor. At this point, he says the transplant could happen in March of 2014. "After that, I'd be staying home for between three and eight months," he says. "By the time I'm off bed rest, I can just hit the road."

Update: Download POS/WDELH/MDS/RMX via Rhymesayers here for free.

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