Poll: Would you pay $70 for Tiesto tickets?

Worth $70?

Worth $70?

DJ Tiesto is coming to Roy Wilkins auditorium for Sound In Motion on April 1 for $60-70 a head, and no, that is not an April Fool's joke in advance. Lady Gaga tickets last year were over $100, as were tickets to see Elton John and the James Taylor/Carole King double bill. We'd hardly put Tiesto in such company.

Sound In Motion founder and longtime electronic music promoter Jack Trash disagrees and says Tiesto is a new kind of rockstar.


"This is not a DJ show, this is a rock concert. This is like Ultra Music Minneapolis or Electric Daisy Minneapolis," he said. "This will be the sickest visual sound and light presentation - it will outdo everything. It's a completely different world and a completely different experience. The only reason tickets are this price is because they have to be."

Trash said DJs like Tiesto will no longer play the smaller clubs because in larger cities they pull in 10,000 people easily. 

"The one thing I can guarantee on this show, all money aside, is that it's going to be the most amazing thing I've been a part of," Trash said, "and I've been a part of a lot." 


After everyone freaked out this month over the $50 ticket price for the Lauryn Hill show at First Avenue, we've got to ask: Is this something you'd pay for? Feedback. We want it. Go.