POLL: What's the best/worst Twin Cities band name?

It's hard to crack the band-name code.

It's hard to crack the band-name code.

The art of naming a band is not easily mastered. For every Beatles, Bad Brains, and Black Sabbath, you've got Limp Bizkit, Loverboy, or Cap'n Geech & the Shrimp Shack Shooters. But sometimes, especially in the case of Geech, a band name can be so transcendentally absurd that it becomes something special.

Filling countless ashtrays over multiple minutes, City Page's Band Name Data Research Division attempted to determine the best/worst band names in the Twin Cities music scene. Our 28 findings are posted below, but we'll let you, dear reader, have the ultimate say. The winning band will receive fabulous prizes!*

*A shout-out from our Twitter account. 

Update (Sept. 22): We're ready to call this one for Ass Bastards of Mordor. Congrats!