Polica's "Amongster" video depicts sex in the woods

No question about it: This has definitely been Polica's week. The quartet already had a buzz going for it like no one else in the Twin Cities, and then they sold out the First Avenue Mainroom for their Give You the Ghost release party and, the following day, were featured on the cover of our very own City Pages. Just this morning, the "Best Band Bon Iver Has Ever Heard" even got a shoutout in London's Guardian newspaper.

Now, with some of us probably approaching Polica overload, the band has squeezed in one more addition to their busy week: a kinky and altogether strange new music video, for album opener "Amongster."

"Amongster" may well be the most dissonant song on Give You the Ghost, dominated by a jarring synthesizer riff that ratchets up the pressure until everything explodes in the closing moments. For the music video, which just debuted over at Spin, there's, er, a little more harmony going on; various artsy shots of snails and worms segues into a couple of honest-to-goodness human beings making love together in what looks like Sleepy Hollow.

What we can't help asking, though, is why the couple couldn't be bothered to use a blanket. That just seems uncomfortable!

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