Polica release first tracks, announce debut performance


It's been less than a month since we first learned that Roma di Luna would be disbanding, and already Channy's new project, Polica, is moving full steam ahead. Today, the group unveiled two tracks, "Dark Star" and "Lay Your Cards Out," which are both streaming on their just-launched website.

[jump] Given the people involved in this project -- which features Channy on vocals in addition to Chris Bierden of Vampire Hands on bass and backing vocals, Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson on drums, and Ryan Olson at the studio controls -- there are some familiar elements at play here. The songs are bass-driven, but not in a blaring, rattling way; instead, the basslines are clean, melodic, and cool, setting the tone underneath Channy's heavily manipulated voice. Listeners who are turned off by Auto-Tune might initially reel at the vocals on these tracks, especially given how dramatic Channy's voice is on its own, but the effects are mostly used artfully and seem reminiscent of the vocoders used during Gayngs shows.

It's too soon to predict Polica's popularity, but what I've heard so far seems very promising. I'll be excited to hear the full record and see how these songs fit into the finished product, which I've been told was recorded over a short period of time in a burst of activity from the group.

Polica will make their live debut this Sunday, September 4, at Nick and Eddie, which has been hosting a series of Sunday afternoon brunch shows organized by Olson (a very stripped-down assembly of Gayngs members performed in the back alley there a few Sundays back). Brunch is served until 6 p.m., which is also the time Polica is scheduled to play.

Listen to Polica at

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