Poliça get remixed by Paper Tiger, Pony Bwoy, and Allan Kingdom

Poliça get remixed by Paper Tiger, Pony Bwoy, and Allan Kingdom
Photo By Erik Hess

Poliça's ethereal, beat-driven music is perfectly suited to being remixed. They just released their stunning second album, Shulamith, last week, and some intoxicating remixes have been surfacing to promote their new batch of songs.

In addition to an entrancing remix of "Tiff" by the Weeknd producer Doc McKinney (which features a freestyle verse from our recent Picked to Click MC Greg Grease), another sterling single from the new album, "Chain My Name" also gets restyled by a talented bunch of local artists as part of Yours Truly's Poliça remix week, including Paper Tiger, Pony Bwoy, and Allan Kingdom.

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While Pony Bwoy's take on the track is smoothed out and sultry, Doomtree DJ Paper Tiger takes the number in a clubby, electronic-tinged direction, and Allan Kingdom reduces the pulsing beats of the song to their minimal core before dropping in a quick verse and other vocal flourishes.

Renowned Berlin-based musician/producer Seams also put his distinctive stamp on "Chain My Name," giving the track a vibrant, disco-like rave up, while the London-born/Berlin-based singer/songwriter/producer Sasha Perera takes the track in an ominous, textured new direction as part of her new solo project, Perera Elsewhere.

Poliça is currently on tour in support of Shulamith with Marijuana Deathsquads, a cross-country jaunt which brings them both back home for a highly-anticipated two-night stand at Mill City Nights on Friday, November 29 and Saturday, November 30

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