Playboy loves First Avenue

class=img_thumbleft>Told you we read it for the articles:'s "A-List" (we swear we called dibs on that name long ago) lists Minneapolis's own First Avenue as one of the ten best rock clubs in America. The big black bus station joins the likes of the Empty Bottle in Chicago, Emo's Austin, and the Mercury Lounge in New York on the list.

Not too surprising, sure, but nice all the same. Here's what they said:

This former Greyhound bus depot has endured numerous name changes, shifts in ownership and even a bankruptcy since holding its first concert in 1970. But its permanent place on the historic register of American rock clubs has never been in doubt. This place is a temple to Minneapolis rock, and not just because the spacious, circular room and stellar views make good shows seem transcendent. It's been a testing ground and steady supporter since the '80s, when locals like the Replacements, Husker Du and Prince became national stars. Twenty years later, the club hasn't atrophied. The Entry Stage is just that for today's younger, inexperienced bands. And many current Minnesota acts--like the Hold Steady, Tapes 'n Tapes and the rappers on powerhouse label Rhymesayers--rose through the ranks via some well-received shows at First Ave.

The venerable toilet-topper also proves it did its homework by listing Brother Ali and Dosh as local acts to watch.