Pizza Luce Block Party, Loring Alley Party set times

It's been a hot and stormy week, but we've got our fingers crossed that tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. Hear that, rain gods? TOMORROW WILL BE BEAUTIFUL. It had better be; there's more than one slammin' outdoor concert scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and it would be a shame to see any of them canceled. Here's the set times for tomorrow's festivities in Minneapolis, including the Pizza Luce Block Party on Lyndale and 32nd, the Loring Alley Block Party behind Nick and Eddie in Loring Park, and the 13th Avenue Folk Festival in Northeast.

Pizza Luce Block Party

Noon: John Swardson & Get Gone
1:00: Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps
1:55: City on the Make
2:40: Wild Colonial Bhoys
3:25: Dessa from Doomtree
4:35: Guzzlemug
5:20: Pink Mink
6:10: Proff with Rahzwell
7:05: Red Pens
8:00: Lookbook
9:00: Brother Ali

Loring Alley Party

12:00    New Power Generators
1:00     Batmen
1:30     Baby Pizza
2:00     To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
2:40     Baby Pizza
3:00     Falcon Crest
3:30     Mike 2600
4:00     Spyder Baby Raw Dawg & 2% Muck
4:30     TJ Pubert
5:00     Book of Right On
5:30     717 Boys
6:00     Tender Meat
6:30     Food Team
7:00     Poop Smeared Mirror
7:30     Wes Winship
8:00     Total Fucking Blood
8:30     Plain Ole Bill
9:00     Voyager
9:30     Slapping Purses
10:00   Marijuana Deathsquads (inside)

13th Avenue Folk Festival

Pizza Luce Block Party, Loring Alley Party set times

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