Pitchfork profiles 'Unsung' Minnesota photography great Dan Corrigan

Dan Corrigan, photographer of the 'Mats' <i>Let It Be</i> cover, is featured on Pitchfork Unsung.

Dan Corrigan, photographer of the 'Mats' Let It Be cover, is featured on Pitchfork Unsung.

With the seemingly incessant critical mass of Replacements news and misscellania pumping through the Twin Cities new media, plenty of people get left behind. It seems that the 'Mats are all some hipster-ass, tripe-peddling alt-weekly blogs can talk about sometimes, and that means amazing people are getting buried beneath the headlines.

One of those people is Minneapolis photographer Dan Corrigan.

The man behind the famed album cover of Let It Be has long been tethered to Westerberg & Co. for contributing a monument to the MPLS indie-bro sightseeing tour, but there's so much more to Corrigan's commitment to the city. As chronicles in the latest edition of its Pitchfork Unsung series, Corrigan was the documentarian behind countless other iconic shots for Babes in Toyland, Soul Asylum, and Hüsker Dü, and has been a quiet steward for over 30 years.

"The Minneapolis music scene back in the mid-'80s was just vibrant, with a ton of great bands," Corrigan says in the 6-minute film. "I was super lucky to work with a bunch of them."

While the mini-doc tackles Corrigan's involvement in the Let It Be shoot and Minnesota Daily, it also focuses on how he has pivoted into a role in facilities at First Avenue, tending to the Minneapolis landmark. For local music geeks, there are some rare, behind-the-scenes looks at the beautifully dingy venue, as well as a peek at the towering archives of Minnesota music history Corrigan has amassed in his decades of service. For the casual music fan, Corrigan's dedication to the city he loves is a warm reminder that there are so many who make this scene indomitably great.

"I love taking care of First Avenue," Corrigan says warmly. "It's one of the best rock clubs, and I love that I'm one of the reasons that it gets to be."

Watch the video below and on Pitchfork.