Pistol Whippin Party Penguins release album at 331 Saturday

Pistol Whippin Party Penguins release album at 331 Saturday
Photo courtesy of band's MySpace page.

I've got this friend who's pissed at me. Over some grave misstep on my part? Sure, I suppose you could say that. I said I'd go sing karaoke with her this week, but then didn't show. Terrible, I know. How do I make her forget what a terrible friend I am?

"I'll take you to see some bluegrass this weekend."


Easy. What I didn't tell her is the name of this band we'll be seeing on Saturday at their 331 Club album release, a name which if uttered would likely have destroyed every ounce of credibility in the olive branch I'd extended. A name which to me hearkens the sound of a hundred hackey sack kicking, hula hooping, stick-of-fire twirling hippies at Burning Man, all being trampled by the wookie feet of a thousand turtles. But with a country twist. I'd feel bad poking fun if not for the fact that they wear their title of Worst Band Name proudly.

Hey friend, we're goin' to see a band that chose to call itself the Pistol Whippin Party Penguins! Okay. I'm gonna take a breath and then unbundle my panties over their name, which was suggested quite seriously by a friend when the alternative was for the band to play a show at the Fine Line under no name at all. Nothing more to it than that. You ever been in a band where more energy was put into carefully crafting your band's name than into actually writing any music? Enough said.

This Saturday at the 331 (9:30, free) the Pistol Whippin Party Penguins - I'm gonna take the liberty of calling them simply "the Sphenisciformes" - will be releasing their second album, "Leave Me Blue," recorded with Ben Kyle of Romantica at Robbinsdale's Slow Studio. The album, which features one traditional fiddle song, is otherwise comprised entirely of originals written by the Midwest-stylized, blues/country/rock/bluegrass Sphenisciformes.

And with that, I'm imagining Chilly Willy assaulting a smilin' Nile crocodile about the teeth with a gun. It's a frightening thought.

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