Pink Mink set sail tonight with an airtight, joyous full-length debut

Pink Mink at the Electric Fetus on Tuesday

Pink Mink at the Electric Fetus on Tuesday

Our Picked to Click 2010 champions Pink Mink are in the midst of a flurry of CD-release celebrations this week, culminating with tonight's Sunset Cocktail Cruise and Album Release Party that will set sail on the Mississippi River in St. Paul tonight. It's been nearly nine months since the Minneapolis rock four-piece took the crown and over a year since they started gigging out together, but that wait has been well worth it, as Pink Mink finds the band not only sounding tight and road-tested but also manages to transfer the snarl and vigor of their live shows onto record in a way that makes it sounds raw, visceral, and ready for the national arena.

[jump] Indeed, both Christy Hunt's more melodic, slow-burning songs like "Ghost Bike" and "Hidden Beach" and Arzu Gokcen's hyper and fierce "Ginger Wolf" sound even more immediate than they do live thanks to the expert hand of engineer Jacques Wait, who is also the band's bassist.

"I love hanging out with Jacques, so I was excited to go into the studio with him," co-bandleader Gokcen told the crowd at their Electric Fetus in-store this Tuesday. "But the whole time he was in the control room doing his wizard magic and playing the bass at the same time, so all I could do was wave at him."

The PINK MINK SUNSET COCKTAIL CRUISE AND ALBUM RELEASE PARTY takes place tonight, Friday, July 8, at 7 p.m. with Birthday Suits and DJ Dave Campbell. Boat leaves Harriet Island at 8. $25. 18+.