Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14

Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14
Photo by Steve Cohen

Target Center, Minneapolis
Tueday, January 7, 2014

Pink's The Truth About Love tour returned to the Twin Cities for a victory lap on Tuesday night. After selling out the Xcel last March with an excellent, acrobatic performance, why not? Showing an unencumbered spirit and relentless athleticism, the pop star's presence and music felt like a much needed jolt to the collective system in an otherwise harsh weather week. Yes, she managed to provide an escape amid the polar vortex.

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Puncturing the stage from below, Pink came up to get the party started attached to a giant rubber band. She darted towards the ceiling, and she and her band began taking everyone for a ride. Her troupe of dancers all tumbled forward, and the stage was bathed in red light as vibrating wine bottles spun around the heart-shaped video screens. "Get your holy spirit up for the last time!" the animated signs flashed as Pink, suspended upside down in mid-air, breathlessly bounced toward the stage with firecrackers and sparks in her wake for "Raise Your Glass."

The audience brushed off the cold and were full-throttle to be a part of an amazing evening. Pink started fresh in the New Year last night with a string of make-up shows after falling to laryngitis and having to cancel her dates last fall.

Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14
Photo by Steve Cohen

Pouring on the heat, Pink preserved an intimacy as she rolled around the stage, and got up close with those in the first few rows. She accepted numerous stuffed animals -- frogs appear to be her favorite -- and even a quilt from a fan. "Wow! It's like I just went shopping!" she said with a laugh, appreciating the outpouring of love and adoration. "We made it back! Happy New Year everyone!"

Showing their bravado, Pink and the dancers grabbed their crotches during the classic "U + Ur Hand" and demonstrated some of the worst dance moves she could invent for "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)" as the "Dork-O-Meter" on stage exploded and the audience were featured on screen erupting in their own repulsive moves.

Like a theatrical presentation The Truth About Love Tour unfolded dramatically. Giving pause to the undeniable fun of the music, Pink and a male dancer recreated the contracting physical interaction of "Try." With remarkable aerial work she pulled herself up on suspended scarfs, twisting and contorting herself, illustrating the emotional impact of the song. Keeping things at a simmering pace Pink's version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" added tension until the ultimate sing-along, "Just Give Me a Reason," which lit up the room as every voice in attendance joined in.

Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14
Photo by Steve Cohen

Rocking things out again the band kicked in with a powerful backdrop to the acrobatic centerpiece of the evening, "Sober." With Pink being chased by the male dancers atop of a gigantic spinning cage of sorts, she precariously climbed about the contraption, suspended in mid-air, spinning all about. Pink didn't miss a single note as she effortlessly delivered the powerful vocals to a sea of gaping mouths in the stunned audience for the song's climax.
"I didn't know cold like this even existed?!" Pink joked. As if to give the audience a break and bring everything back to reality, Pink took over on piano for "The Great Escape" and continued with a more somber, down home portion of the evening with just her guitarist during "Who Knew" and "Fuckin' Perfect."

Running through a medley of some of early R&B jams, Pink retreated to a couple more from The Truth About Love, "Slut Like You" and "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" which invigorated the audience once again and put a cap on the theme of the evening.

Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14
Pink at Target Center, 1/7/14
Photos by Steve Cohen

As stellar of a show we had seen so far, Pink pulled out all the stops for the encore during "So What." As if to touch each section of the arena she catapulted herself outward throughout the room delivering each verse to a sea of camera phones all capturing a glint of her persona as she floated in all directions. Displaying her rock moves in mid-air, cheers from the crowd multiplied, sending Pink toward the stage where she introduced and thanked her band and took one last, well earned triumphant bow.

Critic's Bias: Not sure there is a greater Pink fanboy than myself.

The Crowd: Sold out, packed to the rafters of a mostly girls night out crowd and incredibly die-hard fans.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I hope she flies out over us and I can leap up and give her a high five!"

Random Notebook Dump: No one comes near the type of pop star that is Pink's caliber who can deliver such a show. Her openness, insane abilities and inventiveness as a performer are unmatched by her peers and whoever constitutes the new crop of so-called pop divas.

Raise Your Glass
Walk of Shame
Just Like a Pill
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
Wicked Game
Just Give Me a Reason
Are We All We Are
The Great Escape
Who Knew
Fuckin' Perfect
Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick
Slut Like You
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
So What

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