Picked to Click XVII: complete links

Our 2007 best-new-band poll is live. Read the intro, then check out articles on the winners (linked below individually), along with a sobering and insightful piece on the Picked to Click Curse. (For reference, see all previous Picked to Click issues). The numbers following the band names represents how many points each got from the 84 voters (see our complete list of ballots). Thanks to all who participated, and help them spread the word on all the groups named in the ballots. Here's the final tally:

1. Mouthful of Bees, 68 2. Gay Witch Abortion, 34 3. First Communion Afterparty, 29.5 4. Skoal Kodiak, 28 5. Roma di Luna, 27 6. Dance Band, 26 7. MC/VL, 23 8. Baby Guts, 20.5 9. M.anifest, 18 10. His Mischief 17.5

Other artists that received 6 or more points:

Weaver at the Loom, 17 Black Audience, 16 City on the Make, 15 Jeremy Messersmith, 15 Private Dancer, 15 Big Quarters, 13 Pandemonium, 13 Mystery Palace, 12 Now, Now Every Children, 12 A Night in the Box, 11 Dark Dark Dark, 11 Switzerlind, 11 Bastard Saint, 10 The Evening Rig, 10 Beatrix Jar, 9 Dessa, 8 France Has the Bomb, 8 Ghost in the Water, 8 Joanna James, 8 To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, 8 The Chosen Few, 7 City of Sound, 7 Death to our Enemies, 7 Sarah Johnson, 7 Togetherness, 7 Red Fox Grey Fox, 7 We All Have Hooks for Hands, 7 Abzorbr, 6 Meg Ashling, 6 Daughters of the Sun, 6 The Great Physician, 6 Murzik, 6 Painted Saints, 6 Rivet, 6 Ruby Isle, 6 X-Ray Hip, 6 ZibraZibra, 6

For reference, here's a complete list of artists named by voters in this year's poll, our favorite band names from this year's poll, the 2006 incarnation of this poll, the 2005 version, and links to (or results from) all previous Picked to Clicks, going back to 1991, when this madness began.