Picked to Click XVII: complete ballots

Here are the 84 ballots counted in this year's Picked to Click poll, alphabatized by the voters' names. Ballots without numbers attached, or without otherwise specifying an order of preference, were counted "in no particular order," with each choice getting 3 points. (First choices got 5 points, second choices 4, etc.) This year, we also accepted dual ties for 5th place, giving each choice .5 points. Spellings have been (mostly) corrected, and notes are in brackets. Thanks to all the voters! Add your own Top 5s in the comments:

Ian Anderson, Afternoon Records

1. Now, Now Every Children 2. Best Friends Forever 3. Tarlton 4. Rob Skoro 5. Kill the Vultures

Matt Axelson, booker for The Firewall venue in Stillwater

1. Cloud Cult 2. Red Fox Grey Fox 3. Weaver at the Loom 4. City of Sound 5. Now, Now Every Children

Chris Bahn, city editor, The Onion A.V. Club

(no particular order) Mouthful Of Bees International Espionage! Big Quarters Switzerlind Pictures of Then

Jackie Becker, MN Soundtrack on KFAI-FM 90.3.

(no particular order) Akai Mouthful of Bees Murzik Baby Guts Building Better Bombs

Eric Billiet, manager, the Garage

1. City of Sound 2. Sing It Loud 3. Now, Now Every Children 4. Ronny Cary 5. Joyce Ernst

Daniel Black, Say & Stay Said label owner, Everybell & Whistle musician, Landland graphic designer/illustrator

1. Skoal Kodiak 2. Les Ourses 3. Synchrocyclotron 4. The Yoleus 5. Charles de Gaulle

Jason Brazil, co-owner, Eclipse Records

(no particular order) They The Down Low Company Incorporated Battle Royale The Deaf Brother Ali

David Campbell, temporary host of The Local Show /89.3. FM The Current, clerk at the Electric Fetus, "beardist" in E.L.nO.

1. Jeremy Messersmith 2. A Night in the Box 3. Daughters of the Sun 4. Roma di Luna 5. MC/VL

Tim Campbell, senior arts and entertainment editor, Star Tribune

1. First Communion Afterparty 2. Mouthful of Bees 3. Roma di Luna 4. Orange Mighty Trio 5. Baby Guts

Ron Carlson, president, Classic's Studio

(no particular order) Mayhem Gotti the Governor Little Enfy Swift Unknown MC

Adam Case, consignment director at Cheapo

1. MC/VL 2. Pretty Boy Thorsen 3. His Mischief 4. France Has the Bomb 5. First Communion After Party

Cyn Collins, author of West Bank Boogie and freelance music writer

1. Black Audience 2. Nikki Matteson and Her Ruemates 3. Cadillac Kolstad Band 4. Dreamland Faces 5. Chokecherry

Brian Corner, publicist, Cedar Cultural Center

(no particular order) Orange Mighty Trio Roma Di Luna The Pines The Brass Kings Ben Glaros

Daniel Corrigan, photographer

(no particular order) Three Inches of Blood Nap Nap Failed Heroes Baby Guts The Rockford Mules

David de Young, founder,

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. First Communion Afterparty 3. Dance Band 4. MC/VL 5. City on The Make

Desdamona, musician and promoter

1. M.anifest 2. Molly Dean 3. Just Live 4. Pavielle French 5. Ashley Gold

Ben Durrant, producer/engineer, Crazy Beast Studio, musician

1. Roma di Luna 2. Alpha Consumer 3. Mouthful of Bees 4. Night in the Box 5. Eliza Blue

Rainer Fronz, Learning Curve Records

1. Private Dancer 2. Death to Our Enemies 3. Holy Ghost Riders 4. Bastard Saint 5. Pretty Boy Thorson & the Falling Angels

Lisa Ganser, Homocore Minneapolis

1. Tough Tough Skin 2. Kitten Forever 3. Everybell and Whistle 4. Dark Dark Dark [not counted: 5. Dark Dark Dark]

Michael Gaughan, promoter and performer

1. Rivet 2. Men of Leisure 3. The Chosen Few 4. bRat 5. Mux Mool

Sonia Grover, booker, First Avenue and 7th St. Entry

1. Gay Witch Abortion 2. Dark Dark Dark 3. Mouthful of Bees 4. Meg Ashling 5. (tie) His Mishief, Baby Guts [each given .5 points]

Tom Hallett, writer, Reveille Magazine

1. The Capitol Sons 2. The Red Flags 3. Hojas Rojas 4. Carp 18 5. Jim Soule

Daniel Henry, host, MN Soundtrack on KFAI-FM 90.3

(no particular order) Straight A's Gay Witch Abortion Ghost In The Water Baby Guts DJ Snuggles

Joe Holland, Big V's booking/sound

1. Gay Witch Abortion

Christy Hunt, Stasiu's, Ouija Radio 1. Gay Witch Abortion 2. Dessa 3. Murzik 4. City on the Make 5. (tie) The Blackthorns, First Communion Afterparty [each given .5 points]

Christopher Matthew Jensen, writer, engineer, musician, radio personality

1. To Kill A Petty Bourgeosie 2. Skoal Kodiak 3. Gay Witch Abortion 4. Pandemonium 5. Sarah Johnson

Grant Johnson, musician and promoter

1. The Western Fifth 2. Bluebird 3. Norsemen 4. Calamity Jean 5. The Hard Left

Brian Kasoro, editor, Liberator Magazine

1. Sara White (solo) 2. Ceewhy 3. M.anifest 4. Quilombolas 5. Sha Cage

Kimberly King, the Fine Line

(no particular order) The 757's X-Ray Hip The Great Physician

Kandis "Kandiapolis" Knight, journalist/publicist, Indie Street Magazine, Game Sports Magazine, Trendsetter Urban Monthly, Grip Magazine

1. Muja Messiah 2. I-Self Devine 3. Omaur Bliss 4. Chosen Few 5. Mercies May

Lars J. Larson, Fifth Element online manager

1. M.anifest 2. Knonam 3. Plain Ole Bill & Jimmy2Times 4. The Chosen Few 5. Ill Chemistry

Tom Loftus, Modern Radio

1. His Mischief 2. Private Dancer 3. Knife World 4. Togetherness (a.k.a. Bro Vs. Wade) 5. Sarah Johnson

Ted Lowell, booker, Acadia Cafe

(no particular order) A Night in the Box Gay Beast Brent Floren Painted Saints Japhlet Bire Attias

Paul Lundrgren, writer, Duluth

1. Nordic Waste 2. The Bitter Spills 3. Southwire 4. Taconite 5. Haus Meeting

James "Taco" Martin, E Company Productions

(no particular order) Dance Band The Debu The Great Physician Wanttobe Hasbeens X Ray Hip

Kyle Matteson, More Cowbell, Reveille Magazine

1. First Communion Afterparty 2. Mouthful of Bees 3. Seymore Saves The World 4. Spiritual Mansions 5. Jeremy Messersmith

Steve McPherson, associate editor, Reveille Magazine

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. Roma di Luna 3. City on the Make 4. MC/VL 5. Switzerlind

Jim Meyer, Minnesota Monthly

1. Weaver at the Loom 2. The Fantastic Merlins 3. Oondas Extra 4. Jay Walker and the Misdemeanors 5. The Soviet Machines

Peter Mielech, co-owner, Modern Radio

1. His Mischief 2. Skoal Kodiak 3. Private Dancer 4. Sarah Johnson 5. White Jazz

Keith Moran, Guilt Ridden Pop

1. Togetherness (body language) 2. MC/VL 3. First Communion Afterparty 4. White Nazz 5. (tie) The Vignettes, Finger Pressure [each given .5 points]

Andrea Myers, writer, Managing Editor, Reveille Magazine

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. City on the Make 3. Abzorbr 4. Ladyslipper 5. Rivet

Mark Nelson, volunteer, Extreme Noise Records

1. Pandemonium 2. Bastard Saint 3. Question 4. Complete Waste 5. Loaded First

Tim Nelson, Spinout Records, Fitger's Brewhouse

(no particular order) Charlie Parr Sara Softich Painted Saints Sam Miltich and the Clear Water Hot Club 40 Watt Bulb

Pat O'Brien, writer

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. Dance Band 3. Estate 4. We All Have Hooks for Hands 5. SKIRT

Todd O'Dowd, publicist, Varsity Theater

1. Joanna James 2. Jeremy Messersmith 3. Sika 4. Alison Scott [written as tie with above; counted as #4] 5. First Communion Afterparty

Bobby Olson, The Vault

1. After the Burial 2. Write This Down 3. Moven' like the mountains 4. Gloria 5. Sing it Loud

Chris Olson, Triple Rock Social Club

1. The Evening Rig 2. Bastard Saint 3. The Blackthorns 4. Mouthful of Bees 5. (tie) Prairie Sons, Shoveldance [each given .5 points]

Neil Olstad, writer,

1. Jayber Crow 2. Dessa 3. Sing It Loud 4. Zibra Zibra 5. Building Better Bombs

Nate Patrin, writer, City Pages

(no particular order) Abzorbr Big Quarters Gay Witch Abortion Mazta I Sovietpanda

Jen Paulson, writer, & Reveille Magazine

1. Dance Band 2. MC/VL 3. Zibra Zibra 4. City on the Make 5. Best Friends Forever

Matt Perkins, Nomad World Pub booking manager

(no particular order) Ice Palace City on the Make Mystery Palace Black Audience Mouthful of Bees

Ross Raihala, pop music critic, Pioneer Press

(no particular order) Dance Band First Communion Afterparty Mother Banjo Mouthful of Bees Spiritual Mansions

Cory Ramsey, promoter

(no particular order) Dead Dreams Awakening Emiliana Death Sentence Venia Charis

Ian Rans, host of TV's Drinking With Ian

1. Beatrix*Jar 2. France Has the Bomb 3. Parts For All Makes 4. the Jacobins 5. the Debut

Tommy Rehbein, promoter, musician

(no particular order) Go Nutz! Get Young Sing It Loud! Red Fox Grey Fox Chris Shotlisf

Chris Riemenschneider, music critic, Star Tribune

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. First Communion After-Party 3. Roma di Luna 4. M.anifest 5. Baby Guts

Earl Root, host of KFAI-FM's Root of All Evil (90.3), guitarist for Aesma Daeva

(no particular order) For Blood Build or Burn The Body Beneath Sirens of Titan K.U.R.T.

Amber Schadewald, music writer

1. Ghost in the Water 2. Baby Guts 3. Big Quarters 4. Indigo 5. Zibra Zibra

1. The Evening Rig 2. His Mischief 3. Skoal Kodiak 4. Total Fucking Blood 5. Breanne Durenberger

Christina Schmitt, Minnesota Public Radio

1. In Defense 2. The Sinks 3. Pandemonium 4. France Has the Bomb 5. Dance Band

Peter S. Scholtes, staff writer, City Pages

1. Isis 2. Big Quarters 3. Children 18:3 4. Baby Guts 5. Gumbi

Stacy Schwartz, photo editor,

1. We All Have Hooks for Hands 2. A Night in the Box 3. Dance Band 4. Jonathan Delehanty 5. Estate

Jon Jon Scott, Black Corners Entertainment

(no particular order) M.anifest Mystery Palace Indigo Sha Cage Hips Don't Lie

Danny Sigelman, DJ, the Current 89.3 FM

1. Dark Dark Dark 2. Gay Witch Abortion 3. Ponytails and Ivory 4. Poutums 5. Ari Robinson

Clint Simonson, Destijl Records

(no particular order) Skoal Kodiak Shahs Vampire Hands P Metzger Old Colon

Rod Smith, writer

1. Mystery Palace 2. Dance Band 3. Skoal Kodiak 4. Black Days Down 5. Meg Ashling

Special Dark, host of The Session on KFAI-FM 90.3

1. New Congress

Jerry Steller, president, Vitriol Radio Promotion

1. Mouthful of Bees 2. Weaver at the Loom 3. We Became Actors

Jesse Stensby, vice president, Vitriol Radio Promotion

1. Weaver at the Loom 2. Elk 3. Mouthful of Bees 4. Spirit of '76 5. Boys and Girls

Alison Stolpa, ex-co-host Off the Record, Electric Fetus clerk

(no particular order) Pandemonium Gay Witch Abortion Skoal Kodiak To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie Teenage Remains

Ollie Stench, Radio Riot on KFAI-FM 90.3, TV's Drinking With Ian

1. MC/VL 2. Beatrix Jar 3. Ruby Isle

Chris Strouth, Allied Chemical

1. HOF/Haze XXL- 2. Switzerland 3. Moon Maan 4. Gospel Gossip 5. The Nightinghales

Tom Sullivan, 400 Bar

(no particular order) Nick Africano Caroline Smith Loud + 2 Andy Ulseth Accelerated Love Affair

Chuck Terhark, writer

(no particular order) Roma di Luna Rope Trick Mouthful of Bees Seawhores Tay Zonday

Rayna Terror, Palmfest coordinator

1. Black Audience 2. The Brass Kings 3. Hex 4. Thieves

Heidi Vader, board member, DEMO

(no particular order) Mayda Miller Skoal Kodiak Roma di Luna Charlz Newman Jupiter/In/January

Rob van Alstyne, journalist, METRO, Reveille Magazine

1. Jeremy Messersmith 2. Mouthful of Bees 3. Mary Bue 4. Ice palace 5. Roma di Luna

Karrie Vrabel, SRO Productions

(no particular order) Ruby Isle Meg Ashling Boys And Girls Switzerlind Now, Now Every Children

Jacques Wait, producer, engineer, musician

(no particular order) The Haves Have It National Bird Eric & the Savages Kill to Kill Death to our Enemies

Jim Walsh, writer, columnist, Reveille magazine and the Southwest Journal

(no particular order) Joanna James Jonathan Delehanty Brianna Lane Stook! & The Jukes Allison Rae

Scott Watson, live sound engineer

(no particular order) First Communion Afterparty Black Audience Gay Witch Abortion Daughters of the Sun Sarah Johnson

Neil Weir, The Old Blackberry Way

(no particular order) Private Dancer Finger Pressure The Sleaze Baby Guts The Talkers

Tim Wilson, owner, Urban Lights Music

1. Auburn

Toki Wright, president, Yo! the Movement

1. Toki Wright 2. Slim of G.O.B. (St. Paul Slim) 3. Mavin MC 4. 5. Trama