Picked to Click Voters Stand Up

Hey, our annual Picked to Click poll, in which we ask experts on local music to vote for their favorite new musical acts, is coming up in late September. I've already received about 70 ballots, and am expecting more, but I know there are important people whom I haven't contacted or haven't heard back from. So if you're involved in the local music scene as a producer, talent buyer, record-store employee, promoter, record-label owner, DJ (radio or live), writer, sound engineer, etc., and have opinions about which new local acts are most deserving of a little recognition, please e-mail me, let me know what your credentials are, and I'll send you the info you need to vote (promptly, since we're approaching an already extended deadline.) Basically, the poll is designed to be voted on by folks with some kind of "music industry" position, rather than by musicians, but of course many of our voters are also musicians, or rather musicians first, and local-industry folks/tastemakers second. Anyway, drop me a line. The more, the merrier, and we're always looking for folks with an expertise in genres that are often under-recognized: heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, for instance, and I suppose everything that's not indie rock. Not that we don't want your indie rock faves, too!

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