Picked to Click 2019: Nur-D is the Twin Cities music scene’s best new artist

Portrait, City Pages, MInneapolis

Portrait, City Pages, MInneapolis Madalyn Rowell

Each year with Picked to Click, City Pages polls a bunch of local notables (writers, musicians, promoters, compulsive showgoers) to select our scene’s “best new local artist.”

A big reason we do this is to spotlight worthy up-and-comers. And sometimes we catch folks pretty early. This year’s first-place winner, Nur-D, has only been rapping for a year and a half.

But reconfigurations of groups with established musicians show up as well, as they should. For instance, the members of our silver medalists, Green/Blue, are scene veterans who’ve played in numerous bands that have placed in past polls.

And our guidelines are pretty loose: The only hardline rule is that you can’t vote for someone who’s already placed in previous polls. (Not that it stops some of our voters. Last year’s fourth-place finisher, Dua Saleh, got enough votes to land in our top 10 again this year, if we’d counted them.) For instance, Jeremy Nutzman is hardly a newcomer to the scene, but as Velvet Negroni he had an artist breakthrough this year, which landed him in our third-place spot.

So why settle on a single definition of what’s “new”? The further we cast our net, the broader a range of music we can introduce you to.

Click through to read profiles of each of this year’s winners.

1. Nur-D (69 pts.)

2. Green/Blue (39 pts.)

3. Velvet Negroni (36 pts.)

4. 26 BATS! (31 pts. TIE)

4. Last Import (31 pts. TIE)

6. Kiss the Tiger (30 pts.)

7. Prim Woes (27 pts.)

8. New Primals (26 pts. TIE)

8. Under Violet (26 pts. TIE)

10. Booboo (25 pts.)

See the complete individual ballots cast here.

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