Picked to Click 2019 No. 6: Kiss the Tiger

Kiss the Tiger

Kiss the Tiger Kathleen Ambre

Meghan Kreidler remembers the night when she first discovered the high-energy “Meghan Kreidler” within who now takes over whenever Kiss the Tiger is onstage.

“My stage persona is essentially an exaggeration of my real-life self,” the singer says. “It feels way more close to me than some things I do in theater arts. So when we started out it just... it felt more vulnerable, and I actually felt a little lost.”

But at one Triple Rock show, things were different. “That night they had the stage blocked off, so we set up right in front of the bar on the floor. It made it a lot easier to connect with people. For some reason, there was just a moment where I’m like, ‘Oh, this, this makes sense—I get why I’m doing this,’ because there’s so much self-consciousness that can come with any type of performing, but when you become comfortable and confident with what you’re doing, then you’re really giving it to people, which is what it’s about. That’s where the joy and freedom comes from.”

It was her theater background that Kiss the Tiger guitarist (and Kreidler’s partner) Michael Anderson hoped would inject a new energy into a rock-band format. Anderson asked Kreidler to participate in an experimental jam session, and out of that Kiss the Tiger was formed. The band has since evolved its sound and aesthetic, a process Kreidler, who is used to working within the parameters of a stage script, where you only have a few months to develop a character, has found liberating. With a band, growth is open-ended.

And fast-paced. The band has hardly slowed down for a moment in 2019, releasing a new album, Let Me Bleed, in February, going on tour, and returning to play the Basilica Block Party in July. Between gigs, the group is already recording tracks for a new album.

Despite this trajectory, Kreidler still feels occasionally uncertain about the future. “We’ve done some really awesome stuff, but there’s just so many unknowns,” she says. “When things are going really well, it’s really awesome, but when nothing is happening, it’s really easy to get discouraged, and it can be hard to focus on the good things. Whenever I get really stressed Michael’s like, ‘No matter what, like, we are going to do this because we can make stuff happen.’”

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